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Why You Should Purchase A Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Tree


  • They are so Convenient
  • You don't have to worry about wrapping all those branches
  • No messing with all those tangled wires
  • Life-like appearance
  • Easy to set up
  • Safe
  • No needles falling all over your floor
  • No need to water!
  • Once you have found the tree you love, you can put it up each year - no searching busy tree lots!
  • Your tree can be up longer during the Holiday season
  • Cost - Tree and Lights all in one easy package


Different Styles and Amazing Light Selection

Our pre-lit trees have lights beautifully wrapped among the branches.  We have a wide selection of clear or multi, Dual Color LED and even color-changing lighted trees. 

A pre-lit artificial Christmas tree is easy to set up, and safe.  Plus, pre-lit Christmas trees now come in a variety of realistic styles.  Because of the convenience, these are one of the more popular choices.