Special Color Trees

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Special Color Artificial Christmas Trees

Have you ever felt like you wanted to step out of the traditional Christmas Tree colors and show off your precious holiday collectibles on a sensationally colored tree?  Do you have a favorite room, sports team or hobby that a special color tree would enhance?  With our colorful trees you can create a magical look that is a reflection of your personal taste in a non-traditional manner.

Ideas For Decorating A Special Color Tree

Our White Trees have always been a favorite with our customers.  Decorating these snow white trees is so much fun.  Try turning your white tree into a snowman with a large top hat. Children love to see Frosty waiting for them near the fireplace - but not too close - we don't want your snowman to melt!

Peppermint garland and brightly colored ornaments just pop out on a White Tree.  This tree will bring a bit of wintry snow feeling even in the warmest of climates.

All of our Special Color Trees will help you and your loved ones celebrate the Chrismas Season in your own special way.