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Christmas Holiday Tree Trimmings

Shop Christmas Holiday Tree Trimmings

Decorating Your Christmas Tree

Enjoy decorating your Christmas tree this season, with festive items from American Sale.  From tree toppers to revolving tree stands, we have all the items necessary to help you create a cherished Holiday tree for your family. 

Decorating Tips:

Place your ornaments both at the ends of the branches and inside the tree to reflect the lights and to give it more depth.  Garland strung around the tree will give it a flocked or snowy appearance.  Your tree topper is the most important decoration on your tree.  It can be an Angel, Star or even your child's favorite Teddy Bear!  Whichever you choose, display it proudly.  Don't forget to finish the bottom of the tree with a skirt that will hide the trunk and stand of the tree and will enhance the theme or color of your decorations.  The most important tip when decorating your tree is to do it as a family and keep the tradition alive each year!

Christmas Tree Trimming Ornament Storage Container

When you are ready to trim your tree with your favorite ornaments or store them away, make sure you are using our protective Ornament Storage Container. This container keeps them from breaking while keeping them neatly stacked for easy use.