Tree Decorating Accessories

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Tree Decorating Accessories

Make decorating your tree easy this Holiday season with our wide array of tree decorating accessories.

  • Ornament storage boxes
  • Christmas tree light clips
  • Ornament hangers
  • Light storage reels with bag

LightKeeper Pro Products

Our LightKeeper Pro and LED Keeper will keep your lights working at all times.  Our Life Keeper Tree Safety System will alert you if water is needed for your real tree! 

The LightKeeper Pro fixes most light sets and pre-lit trees in seconds. It finds the damaged bulb at the plug or at the bulb socket. The audible continuity detector pinpoints the problem by tracing the circuit to the point of interruption. Use the attached LED headlight to guide your way and let the 3-way bulb puller gets tight bulbs out with ease. Features a handy storage compartment built into the handle for housing your bulbs and fuses.

The LED LightKeeper is the only tool on the marketplace able to diagnose and repair LED light sets.

  • Plug the LED keeper into the same circuit of the failed LED light set.  The LED keeper uses insulation piercing technology, this enables users to tap into the LED light sets and illuminate the functional sections.
  • Through the use of place markers provided, the process of elimination helps the
  • If the bulb is removable, replace bad bulb with a good bulb.  If the bulbs are not removable, pods are provided with the LED Keeper to replace inoperable bulbs on the LED light set.  These pods are important in maintaining electrical balance in your LED light set. 

The Life Keeper Christmas Safety System is an Angel Christmas Tree ornament that detects heat and transmits a signal to remote alarm.  LED lights on angel wing will blink every 24 hours as water check reminder