Lemax Village Collections

2015 Lemax Village Collections Have Arrived!

We have one of the largest selections of Lemax Collectibles.  If you are just starting your collection or looking for that special item to complete your village, American Sale is your place to shop.

You will find fun Lemax items waiting for you in our Caddington Village, Plymouth Corners, Harvest Crossing, Vail Village, Jukebox Junction, Building Facades and General Collectibles.

Lemax Village Accessories and Landscapes

Don't forget to purchase our Lemax Village accessories and landscape items. These pieces will help illuminate and add the finishing touches to your collections.  Our snow skirts and bundles will add that wintry touch needed to complete your "White Christmas" scene.

Lemax Lighted and Non-Lit Trees

You will definitely want to add a lighted or non-lit tree to your village this Christmas and watch your display come to life!

Lemax Village Buildings ALL 1/2 OFF