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Imagine yourself slipping into the warm therapeutic water where your tired muscles become soothed and revitalized. At American Sale we offer a large selection of luxurious hot tubs and accessories at affordable prices.


Benefits of owning a Hot Tub?

Family Time
Hot tubs offer a chance for families to gather together without the distraction of TV, cell phones, or computers so that they can reconnect and talk about their day.

Improved Sleep
Sitting in hot water raises your body temperature and enhances your ability to fall asleep and sleep longer as your body works to lower your temperature back to 98.6 degrees.

Relief from Arthritis
The hot, pulsating water increases circulation and takes the stress of gravity off of aching joints, relieving pain and improving flexibility.

It is easier on the joints to exercise in water that it is on land. With many hot tubs deep enough to stand in, they offer the opportunity to do chair exercises.

Reduce Stress
In today's day and age, stress can be linked to many detrimental health conditions, such as heart conditions, anxiety, and obesity. Owning a spa is a great form of stress relief simply because it can give you thirty minutes a day away from the hectic stressful surroundings in your life.

Hot tub jets can offer either a gentle or more forceful massage, targeting areas you need it most.

Sitting in hot water lowers blood sugar levels for people with Type 2 Diabetes.

The hot water combined with vascular dilation can provide pain relief associated with tension headaches.

Weight Loss
Your body will burn a small amount of real calories as it works to cool your temperature down from being in hot water.

Back Pain
Hot tub therapy has both long term and short term benefits for people experiencing lower back pain.

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