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Artesian Spas Platinum Elite Series

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Your Artesian Spa experience begins with unparalleled design and functionality to bring you the best in spa enjoyment.

The ergonomically designed seating gives you maximum comfort and enjoyment. With an Artesian Spa, we ensure that you get the best possible value and the highest quality spas available today.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of owning a spa is hydrotherapy, the combination of heat, buoyancy and water massage. Hydrotherapy has been shown to be incredibly helpful in reducing stress, natural relief of back pain and arthritis, improving digestion, and the health of diabetes sufferers.


Artesian Spas Patented Helix Hydrotherapy Jets


Artesian Spa lines feature a revolutionary breakthrough in hydrotherapy jetting with the patented Helix design; a three-dimensional, double-spiral form. This new jet, aptly named the Helix, has been designed to provide a truly remarkable hydro-massage exclusive to Artesian Spas. Engineered from the concept of the double helix, the jets use a right-directional spiral on the inside of the cylinder. This causes water to spiral out in a twisting manner, providing jet pulsation and massaging pressure. This combined with the spinning motion of most Helix jets provides the double rotation.

Artesian’s Platinum Elite spas are indeed beautiful. But our spas are far more than just aesthetically pleasing.

Behind the graceful lines and pampering surfaces lies the most powerful, sophisticated system ever devised for moving and controlling the flow of water in a spa. This personalized water control system is what truly sets this Artesian spa line apart.

The Platinum Elite spa moves more water volume through more jets with greater power and less resistance than any other spa in the industry. Our patented Helix Jet System produces a powerful rotating pulsing action, giving you a soothing, luxurious hydro-massage unlike any other.

Simply stated, you will not find a better performing, more therapeutic spa anywhere.


Please stop in to one of our 9 store locations and order the perfect spa that fits all your personal needs!




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