Patio Tiki Torches

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Outdoor Tiki Torches

Try illuminating your patio and outside oasis area with the romantic glow of a Tiki Torch.  Simply line your walkway, pool area or your favorite garden spot and light up the night. Sit back and imagine yourself in your favorite far-away topical destination without leaving your own backyard.

Bamboo Tiki Torches

Our Bamboo Tiki Torches look great in any setting.  Our torches are re-fillable so no need to toss away and replace with a new one.  These torches have a fiber wick that easily lights and sets the party mood quickly. 

Citronella Torch Fuel

Don't forget to purchase your Citronella Torch Fuel from one of our store locations.  Tiki Citronella Torch Fuel is America's #1 Torch Fuel.  It not only lights up your torch, but keeps those pesky bugs away.