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Patio Umbrellas

Accessorize your patio, deck or poolside with a market or cantilever umbrella. An umbrella will provide more shade and keep you cooler even on the sunniest days. They also provide protection against harmful UV rays from the sun.

Market and Cantilever Umbrellas

A Market Umbrella provides shade from the heat of summer and allows relaxing by the pool or on the deck a much more enjoyable experience.

Cantilever umbrellas or off-set umbrellas are mobile.  When the sun moves you can turn your cantilever to keep you in the shade.  This is a perfect umbrella to set near your grilling area, chat area and even your hot tub.

Beach Umbrellas and Shelters

Our beach umbrellas and shelters offer you shade where you really need it, near the water.  Stick a beach umbrella in the sand and relax all day long.  Pop up a handy beach shelter and keep you and your little ones protected from the suns rays.  These umbrellas are also perfect for many outdoor activities and locations.