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Semi-Inground Pools

Semi-Inground Swimming Pools

American Sale offers our Ultimate Pool as a semi-inground installation option. This pool model is sometimes referred to as a hybrid. It has characteristics of both an above ground pool and an inground pool. We offer an Ultimate Round, Oval and Grecian pool shape. If building a deck around your pool is your vision, this is the right pool model for you, giving it a flush installation with deck boards. The Ultimate Pool is perfect for that inground look at a reduced price option that you have been waiting for!

Characteristics of a Semi-Inground Pool

  • Has a deeper 52" wall height, standard with a flat sand bottom and full print liner
  • Constructed with 4' powder coated steel wall sections with bolted buttress connections, which are exactly like an inground pool
  • The semi inground Ultimate pool includes 30" of digging, haul away of the spoils and dirt backfill around the pool
  • Additionally, it has a synthetic wood top rail - the same type you would find from composite deck companies

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