Automatic Chlorinators

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Automatic Pool Chlorinators

Using an Automatic Pool Chlorinator will offer you a range of benefits such as:

  • no need to refill your chlorine as frequently
  • saves you time
  • saves you money
  • distributes the chlorine more evenly then a floating chlorinator
  • your children no longer have to come in contact with the pool chemicals - which is a major concern of parents

Frog Leap Infuser Water Sanitizing System

One of our very popular systems is the NEW and IMPROVED Frog Leap Infuser Water Sanitizing System.

This system

  • controls and minimizes bacteria by "mineralizing" your pool water
  • has been proven to be very effective for over 30 years
  • uses minerals in combination with chlorine
  • will create sparkling water that is much softer and less irritating to swimmers
  • lets you use up to 50% less chlorine

Each Frog Leap Anti-Bac Mineral Pac lasts 6 months and installs easily. Our handy pre-filled Frog Leap Torpedo Chlorine Pac works with the mineral reservoir to completely eliminate bacteria in your swimming water. Add the Frog Leap All-Out Algacide and keep your pool clear of algae for 90 days.

Frog Leap Pool Wake-Up/Pool Hibernation Kit

This 3 step program of prefilled cartridges that dispense through the FROG Leap system makes start-up and winterizing painlessly easy! No messing with chemicals that can spill. No guessing how much to add. No stressing over whether it will work. It's as easy as Ready, Set, Go!

Please note that our NEW Frog Leap Anti-Bac Mineral Pac, Frog Leap Torpedo Chlorine Pac and Frog Leap All-Out Algaecide can be used in the NEW Frog Leap Infuser Sanitizing System AND the Pool Frog Cycler System.

Please also note that our Pool Frog Mineral Pac and Pool Frog Bam can only be used in the Pool Frog Cycler System