43" Hanging Skeleton Groom

Poseable arms
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Our 43" Hanging Skeleton Groom will frighten your Halloween guests - but isn't that what you wanted

  • Size: 43"L
  • Skeleton groom is sporting a black flowing suit w/cape
  • His purple bow tie and black top hat finishes off his ghoulish attire
  • He has long black/grey hair and is holding a red rose
  • Perfect match for our hanging skeleton bride
  • Poseable arms


Customer Reviews

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Great value for the price and a great quality product. I really adds to the feel of Halloween.

I was very pleased with all of the products that I bought for Halloween. The big black cats won me yard of the month for decorations

i thought that the hat and some of the parts ,would have been made better,more durable,my and daughter very pleased,and thought that the design and make up of the skeleton,was perfect and real cute. they gave it a 10. Also ,they named it "SKULLY",