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Grease Monkey Pool & Spa Water Oil and Scum Remover

Absorbs over 45 times its weight in unwanted surface oils

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Our product, Grease Monkey Pool/Spa Water Oil and Scum Remover, is scientifically designed and engineered to absorb surface oils from your swimming pool or spa. These oils are caused by residue from sun tan lotions, skin lotions, body oils, and pollen.

  • Absorbs over 45 times its weight in unwanted surface oils
  • Prevents scum lines
  • Increases efficiency of chemicals
  • Extends filter cycles
  • Saves you time and money
  • Reusable
  • Place Grease Monkey into your pool skimmer or spa water
  • Flip Grease Monkey over when the colors start to fade. 
  • To clean your Grease Monkey, remove it from your pool or spa and wring out the accumulated oils.
  • Replace Grease Monkey about every 2 months


For even more information about our Grease Monkey, read our staff review by Sales Manager Rob Collins.

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