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Malibu Large Swimming Pool Winterizing Kits Up To 8,500 Gallons Water

  • Large Winter Kit 8500 Gallons 528863

  • Large Winter Kit 8500 Gallons 528863

Half Off Winterizer


Just add Malibu Winterizer (SKU# 017756) to your order!

Pool Winterizing Kit for up to 8,500 gallons of water

SKU: 528863

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Product Detail

Our Malibu Swimming Pool Winterizing Kits include everything you need to chemically winterize your pool.

Large Kit (for pools up to 8500 gallons) contains:

  • (1) Quart Metal Out
  • (1) 2lb. Alkalizer
  • (2) 1lb. bags of Winter Chlor
  • (1) 1lb. bag of Copper Algaecide

Metal Out - Prevents metals in water from staining liner.

Alkalizer - pH stabilizer which helps prevent the pH from changing during the winter months.  A pH that varies may cause extensive corrosion to pool equipment.

Copper Algaecide - Double prevention against algae and keeps your pool crystal clear for the entire winter season into spring

Winter Chlor - Will maintain your chlorine residual as long as possible after closing your pool.  Helps keep water algae-free during winter.

Shop our Winterizing Section and Add To Cart everything you need to properly Close your Pool so your Pool Opening will be a breeze!


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