The Lights & Sounds of Christmas Machine

With our Lights & Sounds of Christmas Machine simply plug in your lights...turn up the all the action!
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With our Lights & Sounds of Christmas Machine simply plug in your lights...turn up the all the action!

  • Lights dance and flash to rhythm of music - lights steady
  • Plays 20 Christmas songs
  • Plug into 6 outlets to coordinate with music
  • For use with light strings, light sculptures, icicle lights and more
  • Fully adjustable volume control
  • Indoor/outdoor use


Customer Reviews

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Excellent light controller. This is a low cost but mid to high quality alternative to the much more expensive light controllers. Great for the Christmas enthusiast or common homeowner.

Still in the box, but pretty sure I love this item . Since I never had a problem with all the orders I made. Definitely American Sale is the best store to buy such product I ordered. I am very satisfied with my ordered. Thank you Respectfully Emma

We love this light display! Our 4yr old son said he wanted "singing lights" in our yard for Christmas this year after seeing a similar light show in a different neighborhood. This machine does the trick and is especially awesome if you're looking for a big impact on a small budget.

This is my second from this vendor, bought the other one 7 years ago and have ran it from Friday after Thanksgiving till New years eve each year and have been very pleased with the unit. Put it in a new location this year and rain puddled up around the box so it was sitting in water the circuit breaker did it's job but the unit is not made to be half way submerged so it shorted everything inside out. I have just bought a new one to replace my older version because I am extremely happy with this unit.

I purchased this machine after Christmas here at a good price. I sat on the family room floor and connected lights to the outputs to test it. The lights and music worked beautifully. My wife was impressed as well. We're looking forward to next Christmas and our HOA's competition ; which will give us a chance to win!