Take A "Staycation"!

Who says you need to go to a fancy resort to have a great vacation? Most of us have been conditioned to think of a vacation as a getaway involving a lot of lengthy traveling. Though often exhilarating, vacations themselves can be exhausting, stressful and expensive. But perhaps a vacation at home is exactly the answer we are all looking for! "Staycations" are as popular as ever nowadays, with many people opting to enjoy their time off at home and skip the hassle and cost of a traditional getaway vacation. And staycations can be every bit as relaxing and fun! But they're even better with some of the great products here at American Sale!

However, some ground rules are in order if you truly want to be on a true "Staycation":

– Sleep in every morning.

– Unplug from electronics.

– Leave the dishes, laundry and housecleaning (or have them done by someone else)

– Live in the moment and really take the time to really appreciate those around you. 

And like every good travel adventure, every good staycation needs a good plan. It is far too easy to get sucked back in to work or into the little chores of home when you stay in your normal routine and environment . So here are a few ideas to help your family and you have the best staycation ever...without ending up in the same ol' routine.