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Ever wish you could experience the warm, healing comfort a hot tub can provide, without having to wait for your next visit to a hotel or resort? Now you can! American Sale is your go-to destination for all your hot tub-related needs. With a vast selection of exquisite models from Artesian Spas and Hot Springs Spas, we’re very confident that you’ll find exactly what you need within one of our stores!

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Hot tubs themselves are very versatile and are actually quite good for your body. Spending time in the warm water will alleviate lower back pain in particular, as well as any of the other general aches that come from pulled muscles or joint problems. Even if you're not in pain, enjoy the social aspect of being the only person in your circle of friends to have a hot tub! Your backyard will turn into the Place to Be!

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So what are you waiting for? With an impressive display of hot tubs and a team of compassionate sales staff within our store, American Sale can help you find the model that is right for you. We are always here to address any questions or concerns about hot tub prices, hot tub clearance sales, spa maintenance or any step in the process of buying your hot tub, our salespeople can address them and get you on your way to owning the hot tub of your dreams!

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Located just 25 minutes from our Lake Zurich location, the village of Deerfield, Illinois, is an hour north of Chicago and is accessible by car via the I-94 Expressway. However, it can also be accessed by the Metra train via the Milwaukee District/North Line to and from the city of Chicago. Notable points of interest in Deerfield include the historic Casper House, the oldest house in Lake County, and the George Luther House.