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Have you heard about American Sale’s extensive selection of hot tubs and spas? We are your go-to destination for all things hot tub, from maintenance to accessories and so much more. Stop by any of our locations today to learn more about our wide selection of hot tubs, the prices of hot tubs, and information regarding our hot tub clearance events.

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The Hot Spring Beam Hot Tub model from our Limelight Collection has a 310 gallon water capacity and features 19 hydrotherapy jets with stainless steel trim. Its design can easily accommodate up to 4 people. The Limelight Beam also has 2 Wavemaster jet pumps incorporated into its design.

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Located just 35 minutes from our Lake Zurich location, West Dundee, Illinois is an hour northwest of Chicago and is accessible by car via the I-90 Expressway.