When Is The Best Time To Buy A Hot Tub? - By Scott Cook

When Is The Best Time To Buy A Hot Tub? - By Scott Cook

After almost 20 years of working in the Hot Tub industry, the question I am most often asked is- “When is the best time to buy a Hot Tub?”. The answer is always “Now”.  Hot tubs have such therapeutic benefits that will change your life. I honestly don’t know why anyone would wait. Having said that, many customers are curious as to when the best deals are available.  Here at American Sale, we always strive to give our customers the best prices all year-round.However, right now is a great opportunity to get one! Keep reading to find out why!

 hot tub snow

The best time of year to enjoy a hot tub is actually ANY time of year. But the absolute best time of year to be in a hot tub (especially outdoors) is during the winter months.  Did you know that water transfers heat 25 times faster than air?  When you are chilled to the bone, it takes the body much longer to warm up by a heater. To get warm fast, submerging your body into a hot tub provides instant warmth and relief. In a hot tub your shivering body will warm up almost instantly.  Don’t worry about feeling cold when get out of the hot tub, even while it is snowing outside, your body will feel toasty warm long after you get out of the tub and inside. Not only will you feel warmer, but you will also feel more relaxed and rejuvenated. Another great perk! There is nothing that can bring family and friends together during the holiday season the way a hot tub can. For the experienced hot tub-er there is no doubt, that winter is really the best time to enjoy a hot tub.

 hot tub in snow

The best time of year for savings is often during the winter months, as well. This is when we clear out this year’s models (including displays), so that we can make room for next year’s models. Hot tubs are not like cars, they do not change that drastically from one year to the next. But we still like to replace our showroom with the latest models for our customers. So that means during the end of the year, you can get some INCREDIBLE pricing! American Sale offers special financing options for those who want to keep their cash, and enjoy a hot tub at the best prices, during the best time of year. Just stop into the Lake Zurich American Sale to chat with me! Or you can visit any one of our 9 Chicagoland locations and ask a Product Expert about our hot tubs. They will be happy to assist. 

 prism model hot springs spa

Come on in and visit one of our hot tub specialists today! With almost 60 years in business we know we can help you find the perfect hot tub for you, at the perfect price. Don’t wait too long though! Like the holidays, these prices and promotions are only around for a short while.


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