Replacement Installation


Congratulations on your pool purchase! Our pool experts are on staff to help answer questions and our free water testing is available in our stores during normal business hours in case you have questions about your pool water and maintenance. We appreciate your business and wish you many fun filled swim seasons!

Our Replacement Installation provides the installation for your backyard pool. All installers have provided the required insurance needed for village permits. Since this install does not include sand and block, it is a preferred install for customers that are replacing a pool or have a source for their own materials.

What's Included:

  • 4" of leveling
  • Assembly of pool & liner to within 1" of level
  • Placement of patio blocks under each upright (customer provides)
  • Grading the sand under the pool liner (customer provides)
  • Installation of liner and wall skimmer/returns
  • Assemble filter
  • Filing the pool 3" deep of water to secure liner
  • 60 Day Warranty on Installation from date of install

    Homeowner Responsibility:

    • Calling JULIE to mark the property
    • Purchasing and providing proper amount of materials (sand and block)
    • Permitting and planning of the pool site in accordance with village codes
    • Dirt removal and/or haul away
    • Any electrical service
    • Installation of fence, ladder, or other accessories
    • Properly backfilling around the pool as soon as pool is constructed
    • Keeping the pool full at all times
    • Contracting any water trucks (not recommended)
    • Deck modifications (if necessary)
    • Customer MUST be present during the entire duration of installation for any and all communication needs.  Failure to be on-site or out-of-communication with installer may result in discrepancies which American Sale nor it's installers are responsible for. 

    What Affects Installation Time:


    Weather is the major factor of installation. Rain, wind and temperature can all cause delays in installation. An installation crew can install up to 4 pools in a day depending on the size of the pool and area of the installation. When the weather is not cooperating with ideal conditions, it affects all scheduled installs. this is taking into consideration when we schedule to maintain fast efficient times throughout the season while always maintain the quality you expect.

    You can expect in-season installation time to be a bit longer in the months of May, June & July. Typically, you will have a little less of a wait in March, April & August through October.

    It is always best to have your pool delivered ASAP so that you can be enjoying your pool. Schedules are based on delivery of your pool. They are delivered on a 4’x4’ pallet and can be easily stored in a garage or outdoor area. Remember a pool can get wet if it rains.

    Picture below represents pool on 4x4 pallet.


    Customer Responsibility:


    Please read over the following in entirety. Listed below are your areas of responsibility as stated in the customer agreement signed in-store. 

    1. It is required in most towns to obtain a building permit prior to installing an above ground pool. All permits are the responsibility of the homeowner prior to installation of pool. Since every town has different procedures and fees for contractors licensing, the homeowner may be subject to a licensing fee of up to $200. Permit holder is responsible for compliance with all zoning, fencing and electrical requirements including any inspections the town requires. Installer must locate the pool exactly where it is located on the Permit Plot Plan.
    2. Locate and mark Power, Phone, Septic tanks and fields, Sprinkler lines prior to excavation. Damage to unmarked utilities is solely the customer’s responsibility.  Call JULIE:  IL – 811 or 1-800-892-0123, IN – 811 or 1-800-382-5544. (It’s FREE to have your property marked!)
    3. Yard: Mark the pool site and filter location prior to excavation. The customer must provide ample access for any equipment installer may need to perform excavation. American Sale is not responsible for damage to yards, driveways, or sidewalks within the access path or around installation site.
    4. Water: Customer is required to provide water until the water covers 2/3rds of the skimmer. If the pool is filled by water trucks (not recommended), American Sale or its installers will not be responsible for any damage to the pool or property. Due to varying water sources, American Sale or its installers cannot be responsible for water or water quality for any reason. Water level must be at least 3 inches deep before water trucks can fill the pool. Therefore, water trucks should NOT be scheduled to arrive the day of installation, which may result in additional fees to homeowner. American Sale and our installers do not compensate for water fills, loss or water refills.
    5. Backfill:  Customer is responsible for backfilling the pool once it’s installed and filled with water. Excess dirt will be left after install and can be used for backfilling. It is the customer’s responsibility to remove or spread the excess dirt. The pool must be backfilled to at least the height of the bottom track. No part of the track should be visible if properly backfilled with sufficient amount of dirt. If backfilling over 8”, customer must install a corrugated perforated drainage pipe to keep moisture away from the pool. Improper backfill or lack of backfill voids warranty.
    6. Electrical: All motor and pump assemblies need to have proper 115V, 20 amp G.F.C.I. service to the filter. All pumps have a 3’ NEMA L5-20R Plug, commonly known as a “Twist Lock” Safety plug. A qualified licensed electrician should perform any electrical work after delivery of filter to ensure proper receptacle fitting. The use of an extension cord does not meet Electrical Codes, will damage the equipment, and voids manufacturers’ warranties.
    7. Customer is responsible for assembly of all other accessories (i.e. ladders, steps, etc.). Installers will not assemble.
    8. It may be necessary to periodically retighten hose clamps, and other fittings after the pool has been filled and operating.
    9. Customer is responsible to place the “NO DIVING” sign (label) after installation.
    10. Customer is responsible for removing sprinkler heads in the direct area of the pool and access area. Installers are not responsible for damage to unmarked sprinkler heads.
    11. Purchaser and/or Homeowner warrant to American Sale and its Installers that they are the majority owner of the Real Property where the pool will be constructed.
    12. Purchaser and/or Homeowner assume responsibility for the accuracy of the boundaries of their property and agree to hold American Sale and their Installers harmless for any risks or actions any neighbor or governmental body may bring due to inaccuracies. If access is needed to property outside their property boundary, Purchaser and/or Homeowner will obtain written permission to use neighbor’s property and assumes any and all responsibility to repair neighbor’s property without cost to American Sale or its Installers.


    The products purchased will carry their own Manufacturers’ warranties and American Sale agrees to pass the rights to those warranties on to the customer upon payment in full of the invoice(s) for the pool. Information regarding manufacturer warranties on the pool and equipment can be found by contacting American Sale. American Sale is not responsible for add-ons attached to the equipment at a later date. The term of the installation workmanship warranty is defined in the type of installation you have selected.  The warranty is to the original owner and is not transferrable.  Warranty is null and void if Purchaser is in default of payment or other customer responsibilities.  The following will be excluded from any warranties. 

    • Pool not being kept full
    • Damage caused by normal weathering, weather conditions, natural calamities, landscaping equipment, vandalism, salts or fertilizers, improper pool water chemistry, pool settlement due to unstable soils or repairs done by someone other than an approved American Sale contractor.
    • Sand washouts or structural issues due to improper backfill OR failure to perform timely backfill.
    • Liner damage due to punctures from sharp material, roots or Nut Grass. (A Nut Grass killer can be purchased and applied before liner installation.)
    • Slight imperfections of the sand or cushion bottom such as lumps, waves, shifting sand or slight wrinkles in the liner.
    • Materials purchased through 3rd party, may void installer warranty.
    • There may be a charge if a service call is made and the reported damage was caused by reasons of the above exclusions.


      With Standard Installation we have a dedicated team of people assigned to work with installers to find the best contractor available. Because the main focus of this team is to see your installation through from start to finish, they work closely with installers and know what their capabilities are. We are here to help you through village permitting, scheduling and any questions you may have related to your purchase and installation. Our average installer has been working with American Sale for 15+ years. Each contractor must meet the required insurance amounts and maintain a professional appearance. Each installer is evaluated annually on their performance. It has been our philosophy to deliver a quality installation over the quantity of installs.