5 Benefits of Using Your Hot Tub During the Winter

5 Benefits of Using Your Hot Tub During the Winter

Utilizing your hot tub all year round is not only great for the hot tub's health, but for your own health too! Whether you're looking for some body ache relief, feeling a bit under the weather, or need a boost in weight loss, your hot tub does something for everyone. So, turn on those jets, hop in, and feel the therapeutic effects of your spa!

1. Gives your immune system a boost

Feeling a cold coming on? Hop into the hot tub for 10-15 minutes to give yourself an immunity boost. Just as your body gets a fever when trying to defend itself from a bug or virus, sitting in the spa's hot water acts the same way! The water slightly raises your temperature to induce a slight fever to fight off any undesired bugs and stops cold viruses from reproducing.

2. Decreases stress

With constant stress around us, we're feeling more overwhelmed than ever. Let your tub help you decompress and reset yourself from the day. The massage-like jets and warm temperatures in your spa relaxes both the mind and body. Try adding in a nightly soak to your routine about an hour before you go to bed to prompt deep relaxation and get a better night sleep for the next day.

3. Relieves joint & muscle pain

This colder weather stiffens joints and muscles, but a quick soak can bring you some relief. Soaking in warm water loosens joints and soothes any aching muscles. When you heat up your joints and muscles, your blood vessels get bigger and they provide more circulation. Then, more blood and oxygen is delivered to injured tissues so your body can begin to heal. 

4. Decreases blood pressure & aids in weight loss

Since the warm water opens up blood vessels, it decreases blood pressure. This decrease in blood pressure helps to improve your blood flow and circulation to stimulate nerves. The slight rise in temperate heats the body without physical activity, but still increases heart rate and mimics the effects of light aerobic exercise. This may be helpful to those who struggle with obesity, mobility issues, or have difficulties exercising on land.

5. Detoxes your body

Get rid of built up body toxins and relax at the same time. The rise in body temperature causes your body to sweat. Sweating allows for any unwanted toxins to leave the body as the water washes it from your skin. Because of this, make sure to drink plenty of water for the best muscle recovery!
Top Tip: Stretch while you’re in the hot tub for some extra muscle recovery.


During this stressful time, relaxing is more difficult than ever. But, we hope you gained some helpful tips on how to make the most out of your hot tub during the winter to ease your mind and body in the new year. 

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