Product Spotlight: Endless Pools - By Scott Cook

Product Spotlight: Endless Pools - By Scott Cook

In the United State fitness and health is growing in personal importance, and well as in trend.  With 1 out of every 3 deaths in the U.S caused by heart disease, is there really any question why?  

There is another alarming statistic (according to; that 1 out of every 5 adults over the age of 18 have doctor-diagnosed arthritis. This makes physical activity very difficult for many adults who are afflicted with any Arthritic, Joint, and or Bone pain.  The big obstacle in this isn’t necessarily with the body, but rather, with GRAVITY! That’s right, if you reduce gravity, you reduce the harsh impact to your bones and joints.  This is why aquatic exercise has nearly doubled from 5 Million (2004) to an estimated 10 Million participants in 2016! Placing yourself in an environment of water not only reduces the impact of gravity, but also carries additional benefits to improving your workout, and overall health. 

Research has shown that moving your fitness to an aquatic environment like the Endless Pool will provide you with amazing health benefits, plus the added benefit of the convenience of home! Here are 10 health benefits aquatic exercise can provide you (as mentioned in a May 2015 article by Health Fitness Revolution

1. Increase muscle strength: Water flows in multiple directions, and as a result, can provide resistances from 4-42 times greater than air. A recent study shows that after 12 weeks of regular aquatic exercise, participants had made significant gains in strength, flexibility and agility. 

2. Build endurance: Unlike traditional weights, which require the body to push and pull against the weight plus gravity, water resistance is a more natural resistance which requires the body to strain through the water rather than against it.

3. Increases Flexibility: As the body is subject to water resistance during water aerobic exercise –the joints naturally increase their range of motion. 

4. Low-impact exercise: In water, our body’s is not subject to gravity in the water, therefore the impact our joints take on when, say, running in water, is not equal to the impact when running on land. This is particularly appealing to those with joint conditions such as arthritis or those currently undergoing physical rehabilitation.

5. Alleviates pressure on the joints:  Hydrotherapy is shown to be the leading form of therapy for those suffering from joint problems.

6. Relieves stress and decreases anxiety: A Polish study conducted in 2007 found that aquatic exercise significantly decreased anxiety and negative mood states in women.  

7. Burns calories: The combination of your workouts mixed with water resistance in an aquatic fitness system ensures that the body is getting a full workout. Depending on cardio activity, weight, water temperature, volume and buoyancy, the body can burn between 400 to 500 calories in an hour of exercise.

8. Reduces blood pressure: The water’s buoyancy and pressure actually works with your blood as well as your body, and enables one’s blood flow to circulate more effectively throughout the body, effectively decreasing blood pressure and, in the long run, decreasing resting heart rate. This benefit means your heart is maintaining its productivity while putting less stress on your heart! 

9. Cooling exercise: As temperatures get warmer, the desire to exercise in the burning sun may suddenly not seem so appealing. Aquatic exercise in an Endless Pool can satisfy that need to feel cool in warmer temperatures while still enabling an athlete to exercise. It’s cool, crisp and refreshing, especially knowing you aren’t struggling in the heat!

10. Popular activity: Exercise in an Endless Pool is not limited to any age group or skill level. The Endless Pool appeals to all ages – with younger generations naturally enjoying the fun to be had in swimming pools while still appealing to the older generations and their need to maintain a moderate level of physical fitness. It is great for an individual as it is for a group of friends. 

The Endless Pools’ Aquatic Fitness Systems allow the user to obtain an entire full body workout right in their own home, all year long.  The Endless pool’s Fast lane swim generator provides a smooth current for in-place swimming. The Fast lane swim generator also provides core resistance for more effective aquatic exercises, without the impact of gravity. 

Everyone who wants to increase their health, while decreasing the stresses on the body should seriously consider an Endless Pool. 

Endless Pools Fitness Systems

If you'd like to speak about Endless Pools Fitness Systems in person, I'd be happy to help! Just stop into our Lake Zurich location and ask for Scott! 

Scott Cook
          Senior Manager

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