Storm Prep and Clean-Up Tips for Your Backyard!

Storm Prep and Clean-Up Tips for Your Backyard!

If you live in the Chicagoland area, you already know we've had our fair share of damaging storms as of late! And because of these storms, we've been getting a lot of questions about proper pre-storm preparation and after-storm clean-up. We sell a lot of items that go outside and therefore can require some proper cleaning, especially after a big storm. Pools, Patio Furniture, Hot Tubs, Swing Sets, Trampolines, and even Grills will need to be cleaned up after storms. So let's jump on into the proper preparation and cleaning techniques we encourage our customers to practice! 

Before the Storm: 

  1. Store Your Small Stuff! The best defense is a good offense, right? So before a storm hits, go outside and try to bring inside (or safely store) anything small that can be damaged or blown away (i.e- cushions, umbrellas, pool toys, pool chemicals, pool maintenance items, etc.). Make sure any kids toys or items that can blow up against your home are secured in a shed, or away from your home. Find great storage options for your outdoor items on our website!
  2. Cover Things Up! Cover all your patio furniture if you have proper covers, and cover your grill as well! Make sure these are fastened securely and are free of any tears or rips before the storm. You can find patio furniture covers on our website if you don't have them! And it's ALWAYS best to have the proper hot tub cover as well! That way your hot tub won't be filled with debris and potentially incur any damage. You can ask any Product Specialist at our stores about ordering the correct hot tub cover for your exact model. 
  3. Secure Your Big Stuff! Trampoline Ground Anchor kits can be extremely beneficial during a high-wind storm! Make sure your trampoline has one so it doesn't get swooped up and blown off your property. You can purchase an Anchor Kit at any of our 9 stores if you don't already have one. Here's a great video about how to install your Springfree Anchor Kit!                  We also suggest that you place sandbags or other weights on your patio furniture (especially if it's lightweight) to ensure your furniture doesn't blow away or get damaged. If you don't have a weighted base for your patio umbrella, we encourage you bring your umbrella inside during a storm. If you have an installed Gazebo, make sure all anchors and screws are tightened and properly secured as well!

After The Storm:

  1. Assess Any Damage: Walk around your home to make sure all your items are in good condition. Remove the covers from your patio furniture, grill, etc. and assess if there has been any damage. It's important to do this right after a storm has happened and not later on down the line so that you can get service right away if you need it. If you have incurred some type of damage on your hot tub, pool, swing set, or trampoline that needs to be addressed by a service repairman, you can call our Service Team at 708-614-6552!
  2. Clean-Up The Debris: A homeowners favorite part of any storm is the clean-up, right? Well not really. But if you prepared before the storm, hopefully the cleaning process won't be too tiresome. Clean patio furniture with a soft rag and some water (no soap is needed) and brush off any leaves, twigs, or dirt. If you're a pool owner, you will most likely need to vacuum your pool. We've created a very straight-forward instructional video on how to do this! 
  3. Call us if you have any further questions we have not answered in this blog article. Any of our Customer Service Representatives will be happy to help you- 708-614-6552! 

Of course, we all hope that you never have any real damage from a storm, especially to the fun items you've purchased for your home. But if you're properly prepared, and follow the tips mentioned in this article, your risk of real damage are considerably lower. 

Thanks for reading! Happy Storm-Free Summer!
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