Bring The Light To Your Backyard!

Bring The Light To Your Backyard!

Your backyard is the place you want to be all summer long! Laying out soaking up the sun, cooling off in the pool, and enjoying it all in the privacy of your own home. But just because the sun goes down, doesn’t mean the fun needs to end! Backyard lighting can make your outdoor space into a magical illumination creation! Outdoor lighting is meant to be unobtrusive, subtly calling attention to the beauty of your home and its surroundings without blinding passersby. Lighting fixtures should blend in rather than stand out. And the lights themselves should enhance the landscape’s natural beauty, not overwhelm it. Here are some of our favorite products to turn your space into an illuminated summer nights playground!

String Lights
Hanging a string of lights can be a great way to ensure that the entire patio is well-lit. String lights allows you to evenly distribute light throughout your backyard. You can hang them in a pattern or keep the alignment simple and orderly. But either way, they will add an ambiance that is magical to any patio or deck. 


Hang the lantern from a tree, near a landscaped area or by another decorative element in your outdoor space to highlight that area. Hanging the lantern over a seating arrangement creates an outdoor reading space when you’re alone or adds soft light for meaningful conversation with a friend. 

Rope Lights

Highlight a deck or porch by wrapping lights around the handrail. Use rope lights for safety, lining steps and garden pathways. Create a festive patriotic gathering area by twisting red, white and blue rope lights around the supports of an umbrella or banister. Wind rope lights around trees to light up your whole yard. Line your pool area with a little extra brightness during night swims. Drape overhead for ambiance during parties, intimate gatherings, or romantic dinners. Make outdoor pendant lights by coiling rope lights into balls, securing them with zip ties. 



Umbrella Lights

Sitting around your outdoor dining set, socializing with family and friends can go late into the night under the bask of a gentle glow of an umbrella light. You can even have an umbrella light with a Bluetooth speaker to enjoy your favorite music in the background like this one: 


umbrella light


Fire Pits

An outdoor fire pit can take care of lighting, heating, and mood all in one. Fire pits create an alluring gathering point that is warm and toasty. The dancing flames provide more than enough light to keep you out of the dark. And they can also act as nice tables to set your drinks and food on while entertaining! Fire Pits





Tiki Torches
Illuminating your patio and outside oasis area with the romantic glow of Tiki Torches. You can simply line your walkway, pool, or your favorite spot and light up the night. Tiki Citronella Torch Fuel not only lights up your torch, but keeps those pesky bugs away.  



Pool Light
An important fact about having a pool light is for safety for people unfamiliar with your yard, young children, and pets. But a pool light is a great thing to have when you, family, and friends want to night swim. Pool lights can illuminate and highlight your pool’s true beauty.  


Outdoor patio lighting enhances the experience of spending the afternoon or a starry evening on your patio. Your yard will become a peaceful paradise within the comfort of your home, that can be enjoyed at all hours.

Enjoy every moment of your summer...especially the evenings! 


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