5 Family Friendly Easter Games with a Twist!

It may be frigid cold outside, but fear not- Spring is on it's way! And with that comes all the fun of Easter! Here are some great ideas of Easter-themed games to play with your little ones...and finally start spending some more time outside! 

1. Color-Coded or Themed Easter Egg Hunt! We all know the basics of how to hunt for eggs. But this variation makes the game a little harder and that's great for the bigger kids who may want a little extra challenge! How to play:

  1. Use plastic colored eggs that open. Depending on whether you want each child to do the color coded route or themed route, you can also put specific item, money, or candy inside the eggs that will only pertain to one child (ex. one child can only find the ones with pennies. Another might have to find the ones with dimes, etc. See it's a little more tricky!)
  2. Hide all the eggs!
  3. Assign each child a color or object to find!
  4. Then let them loose to find them!
2. Bunny Races! We all love a good race! But what if your ankles were tied so all you could do was bounce like a bunny? That's exactly what this fun (and hilarious) race will be! It's simple and fun! Bunny ears are optional but suggested! How to play:
  1. Set up a starting line and a finish line 
  2. Use a small rope or twine to tie each racer's feet together around the ankles
  3. Then it's Ready, Set, Hop! First one to the finish line wins!
3. Dodge the Egg! Everyone has heard of Dodgeball, but this messy and funny game is a great way to play using uncooked eggs (or water balloons if you don't want the sticky mess)! How to play:
  1. Same rules as dodgeball! Just with an egg!
  2. Two teams line up on one side of a line. 
  3. Several dozen eggs (or water balloons) are placed along the line. 
  4. When the whistle blows, the players run to the middle and try to get an egg (or balloon) and throw (below the shoulders and above the waist) at their opponents. 
  5. But if the opponent can catch the egg without it breaking, the thrower is out! You can continue until there's no players left on the opposite team....(or if you run out of eggs)!
4. Bunny Tag! The object of this game is simple- run from the "bunny"! How to play:
  1. One person is picked as the "Bunny" - and if you have a pair of Bunny ears, all the better!!!
  2. The rest of the players will need to hide and run from being tagged by the "Bunny", or else they become one next!
5. Easter Egg Toss! We all love this game! What a mess and what fun! How to play:
  1. Pair up with another player (one with soft bunny paws is the best!)
  2. When the whistle blows, start only about a foot apart and toss the egg to your partner. 
  3. Keep moving back two paces each round, tossing to the other partner as you go, careful not to break your egg!
  4. The pair at the end of the toss without a broken egg WINS! 
These are only a few games to make your Easter memorable with your family and kids. Check out our Backyard Games area for more fun items to make the most of family time outdoors all Spring and Summer long!
Happy Spring!
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