How To Close An Above Ground Pool

How To Close An Above Ground Pool

Why is it important to close your above ground pool?

Sadly, swimming season is winding down, but don't sweat it – we've got your back for the pool closing process!

Winterizing your pool the right way is a big deal, especially with our Midwest weather. Our winters can be tough on pools if not done properly. Our trusty Pool Product Experts will help you get your pool winter-ready! 

Closing your above ground pool properly at the end of the season is crucial to ensure its longevity and prevent any damage caused by freezing temperatures. By following the correct procedures, you can protect your pool from debris, algae growth, and potential structural issues.

Don't forget! Our 8 Chicagoland locations provide FREE water testing! If you need assistance with balancing your water or finding the correct chemicals and equipment, stop in store! Our Pool Experts can guide you in the right direction!

Step-by-step guide to closing your above ground pool:

Step 1: Balance the Water and Put Away the Accessories

Balance the water and store accessories first, ensure your pool's water is chemically balanced. Pack away accessories like ladders, toys, and skimmers in a cool, dry spot.

Step 2: Vacuum and Add Winterizing Chemicals

Vacuum one last time and add the pool winterizing chemicals. Be sure to clean the inside walls of the pool with a brush and then vacuum it thoroughly. Once the pool is clean, add the winterizing chemicals specific to your pool to protect the water throughout the winter.

Step 3: Adjust the Water Level

To prepare your above-ground pool for the winter months, you'll want to take steps to safeguard the skimmer. There are several approaches you can consider. First, you can adjust the water level by lowering it to just below the skimmer. This strategy effectively prevents water from entering the skimmer during the colder months. Alternatively, you have the option of using a skimmer guard, a specially designed device that fits snugly inside the skimmer. This guard serves to shield the skimmer from any potential damage caused by frozen water. Lastly, you can opt for a specifically designed dam-like object, which covers the end of the skimmer and effectively stops any water from entering it. These choices give you the flexibility to choose the method that best suits your winter pool maintenance routine.

4. Winterize the plumbing

If your above ground pool has plumbing, it's crucial to winterize it properly. This is an ideal moment to consider replacing any old filters and opt for fresh ones when spring returns.

Our Pool Product Manager, Chris shows you how to winterize both a male and female bottom circulation system for above ground pools in the videos below.


Step 5: Cover the Pool

For a hassle-free winter, invest in a high-quality pool cover that snugly fits your above-ground pool. This protective shield keeps debris, leaves, and harsh weather at bay. Ensure the cover is securely fastened to prevent it from flying off during strong winds, but be cautious not to over-tighten it, avoiding excess pressure on the top rails. As the final touch in winterizing your above-ground pool, tuck it in for its seasonal nap by adding air pillows to the water's surface. Gently place the cover over the pool and ensure its securely anchored using the centered pillow. For a detailed installation guide, watch the videos below.

6. Regular maintenance during the winter

Even though your pool is closed for the season, it's important to perform regular maintenance to ensure its condition. Remove any excess water or debris that accumulates on the cover. Additionally, check the cover for any tears or damage.


By following these steps, you can ensure that your above ground pool remains in excellent condition throughout the winter season. Properly closing and maintaining your pool will save you time and money in the long run, allowing you to enjoy a refreshing and clean pool when summer arrives! 

Check out our YouTube Channel with tons more easy and informational videos to help you maintain your pool!

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