5 Mistakes Made When Purchasing a Hot Tub

There are several things we like to alert our customers to regarding buying a hot tub. Many customers have misconceptions regarding the features you "need to have" when you purchase a hot tub. This article is here to clarify and help dispel some of those hot tub buying myths. 
1. Jet Count

Jet Count in a hot tub is one of the biggest misconceptions today. Many people researching hot tubs start out by counting jets.  While this is a way to compare a spa by the numbers, it can be very misleading. Hot tub jets come in various sizes and flow rates.  Just because a spa has lots of jets doesn’t mean it is better.  In fact it is probably the opposite.  Higher quality spa manufacturers focus more on giving their spas a variety of jets rather than on quantity and strategically place them for the best experience.  The reason is when a spa has more jet variety the user will get a different massage with every different kind of jet.  Better spas allow the user the ability to control the water flow and pressure which delivers a better spa experience.  Many inferior manufactures play the numbers game since it is actually cheaper to put in a bunch of small jets but they get the benefit of being able to say they have “more jets’.   This high jet count will in turn provide a less stimulating experience in the hot tub.  Higher quality hot tubs usually have lower jet counts but improved jet size and quality..

2. Insulation

A second mistake that is common among hot tub buyers is only looking at the outside of the hot tub instead of asking about what is inside. The fun should not end when the electric bill arrives. Make sure that the hot tub has proper insulation and can withstand the climate. In colder climates, such as Chicagoland, it is recommended to have full foam insulation. Full foam insulation give the best protection a hot tub needs. It will not only save you money on your electric bill, it also provides extra structure for interior plumbing.

3. Buying a Hot Tub from a Home Show or Online

This is probably one of the biggest mistakes a spa buyer can make. Products sold online and at home shows can be a great deal as long as they will not need any service after delivery.  That is simply not the case with a hot tub.  Hot tubs are generally outside in the elements 12 months a year.  They have hot water running through them 24/7 and consist of various motors, heaters and moving parts.  Buying from a transient Home Show company or online usually becomes a very frustrating experience if service is needed.  Buying a hot tub is NOT like buying a car where you can take it to any dealer for service.  In fact, most dealers only service the spas they sell or charge very high prices to service spas they do not sell.  The perception of a “great deal” will be long gone if service is ever needed and who has the time for that.  At American Sale, we have been servicing the hot tubs we have sold for over 25 years.  One call to our service department is all you need to do to initiate service if needed.  In fact, on most of the calls our service team does, the home owner isn’t even home.

4. Not Trying It Before You Buy It

Most customers go out and buy a hot tub without even getting into it and seeing if they like it first.  Compare that to buying a car without sitting in it.  A hot tub is something that will last many years and it is important to avoid the mistake of getting a hot tub which has jets that are not comfortable.  Many customers are convinced which model they are going to purchase before a test soak and end up buying a completely different hot tub after they test different tubs. We always welcome you to test soak before you buy.  Contact any one of our stores to set up an appointment today to try our hot tubs and decide which one is best for you.  It’s free!

5. Not Getting Service After The Sale

Purchasing a hot tub is an investment that will provide fun and relaxation for years. It is important to purchase a hot tub from a dealer that provides service before and after the purchase. With a full time team of certified spa specialists and a knowledgeable sales team, American Sale stands behind each and every hot tub that leaves our stores.  We have thousands of satisfied customers.

We welcome any other stories from hot tub owners that have gone through the buying process and found some pitfalls that others can avoid. Send your stories to social@americansale.com, and we may just update this article with your story! Happy Hot Tubbing!!

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