Things to consider when purchasing a Christmas tree this season

Things to consider when purchasing a Christmas tree this season

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and you are ready to start decorating for the holidays! You have already picked out the perfect spot in your home where your tree will go but can’t decide if you should get a real or an artificial tree this year. This article will give you a breakdown of things to consider when purchasing your tree.

The first thing to consider is Real Vs Artificial:

Benefits of an artificial tree:

  • No shedding
  • No Bugs
  • No need to water
  • Fire retardant and overall safer
  • Longer lifespan and less waste each season
  • Ready to put up each year whenever you are! No need to wait for your tree farm or lot to open!


For those who are considering an artificial tree but feel they will miss that “real tree smell” we have several products at our stores that will fill your home with the real pine or fir tree aroma! 


Now that you have decided to go with an artificial tree there are aspects that you will need to consider:


Artificial trees come in a variety of shapes and sizes. There are full and slim trees that range from 3 feet to 12 feet. The diameter of the tree is measured from tip to tip at the base of the tree. The larger the diameter the fuller the tree will be.

When considering height, we recommend that you leave at least a foot of space from the tip of the tree to the ceiling. This will allow room for any tree topper you would like to add. This will also ensure that there are no scuffs or damage done to your ceiling.


Nowadays, you can get a Christmas tree in almost every color imaginable. Red, blue, pink, white, black, you name it. Most people tend to stick with the traditional green color, but the options are there should you choose to be vibrant! Our website has a large variety of color palates and even unique patterns to choose from! Shop them here!

Type of needles-

Short, long, wide or narrow are all options of tree needles. Tree branches and needles are made of two different types of materials, PE or vinyl.

PE material is molded and gives that real feel. Another benefit of this is the branches and needles will not flatten or need to be fluffed the following year.

With Vinyl you will want to check vinyl for good quality tips. Trees with poorer quality have a tendency to shed over time making the tree look less full. They also can crush easily if stored in a box. 

Whatever material you choose, you will want to be sure that the needles go all the way back to the hinge. This gives the tree a fuller look. Most big box retailers don't have trees with material that goes all the way back to the pole. They cut out this material to cut corners on quality and cost. They also cut down on light counts too. But we do not subscribe to this philosophy. We want all our trees to be the most beautiful and the best quality for our customers, while still at a great price!

Hinge strength-

One thing you will want to check is that the hinges are made of thick metal. This will ensure that over the years of use the hinge will not snap or break on you.


There are several options when it comes to lighting. Pre-lit or unlit, white light or multi-colored, twinkles or fading but another thing to consider is incandescent or LED lights. One of the benefits of choosing LED lights over incandescent is that LED lights are energy saving and have a longer life span.

Another feature that is offered on several of the trees we carry is the PowerPole or Quick Set pole feature! No more confusing light plugs to find and connect! Plugs are directly inside the tree pole for quick assembly! You just pop in each section of the tree and your tree is lit and beautiful in less than 10 minutes!

Lamp Lock is another helpful feature on our trees. This means that if a bulb burns out it will not affect the rest of the lights on the tree. We still always recommend that you scan your tree every so often to look for burnt out bulbs and replace them immediately so it doesn't affect any other lights later on. 


With this information in mind, you know have all the right tools to assist with your tree purchase. American Sale has over 180 trees on display to browse and interact with while considering which tree is best for you and your family. Several of our trees can also be found on our website with additional online only exclusive styles too!

So stop in! Talk to one of our knowledgeable Tree Experts and bring the holidays home!

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