When Should You Change Your Pool Liner?

When Should You Change Your Pool Liner?

It's important to keep up with pool maintenance keep it looking in tip top shape. Pool liners typically last from 7-10 years, but it's not always easy to tell the right time to get a new liner. Different factors such as cracking, leaking, or fading can contribute to when they should be changed. Maintaining proper care of your liner and correct use of pool chemicals can prolong the lifespan of your pool liner. Here are some things to look out for when you think you may need a fresh liner.

Cracking or ripping 

The liner experiences deterioration over time due to the sun and other chemicals used in your pool that make it swimmable. Over time, this causes the liner to be more delicate and brittle. Many times, this may happen on or near the water line since this is where UV rays are the most prominent. It's important to keep your eye out for this because it could be causing leaking if it is a significant tear that cannot be patched. 

Water loss 

Although modern pool liners are made to withstand typical wear and tear, after they become older, tears become larger and can cause water loss. If you notice water leaks or holes in your liner, you may be able to patch them yourself if you can spot the problem area. In some cases, it may be too difficult to find due to the patterns or you simply can't hold your breath long enough for quick repairs. If you've already patched some areas or can't spot the leak, it's time for a new liner to avoid further damage to your pool. 

Fading or staining 

All pool liners will fade over time due to the sun and pool chemicals used.  Although this may not have damaging effects, keeping the look of a fresh, bright pool is important to most people. Some older liners may have rust or a build up of algae, which is difficult to remove. To prolong the aesthetic of a fresh liner, we recommend using a mineral system such as FROG due to the lowered levels of corrosive chlorine. Harsh chlorines cause discoloration and fading to liners much more quickly than minerals. 


It's best to avoid stretching out the lifespan of your liner if you notice any of these issues. If you wait too long, there could be more serious damage and repairs can become costly.

If you're noticing any of this damage to your liner, you're in luck! Right now is the best time of year to choose your new liner! Waiting too close to the summer months can delay opening your pool or interrupt your summer fun. Stop into any of our 8 Chicagoland locations to choose the perfect liner for your pool and reserve your spot for installation so you can bring the fun home all summer long!



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