Artesian Spas

Artesian SpasArtesian Spas are proudly made with pride and built in the United States of America. The Artesian Spas' factory is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. This state-of-the-art factory was built a few years ago. Artesian Spas manufacturers a number of spa lines that are designed to meet the needs and budget of all consumers interested in spas. Since the day Artesian Spas was created, their goal as a company is to offer the best quality spa with a great design at the most reasonable price.

The different lines that Artesian Spas offers are:


Their Platinum Elite line is Artesian Spas' high-end line, and it literally has no competition in the marketplace. No other spa in the market offers the features that the Platinum Elite line offers. The patented DirectFlow pump and plumbing system is one of the features that you can't find anywhere else. It is one of the things that arguably make a Platinum Elite spa the most energy efficient spa on the market. And that is not even acknowledging just the pure aesthetic beauty, not to mention durability, of these spas! Their Platinum Class lets you take advantage of many of the features on the Platinum Elite spas, but they are a bit more competitively priced.

The most popular line is the Island Spas. They offer almost unlimited variations and options in a surprising, high-performance package that is very price competitive. The Island Spa line allows you to build your own spa so you do not get stuck with features that you will never use when you get it home. You get to choose the number of jets and motors, the color of the shell and cabinet, the style of LED lights, the style of jets, which sound system you want, and which water features you want. Don't pay for something that you won't use. Imagine if you bought a car and it had a rear window defroster, but you live in Arizona. Why would you want to pay extra for that?

Now sometimes it is just easier to buy a spa with everything on it because you are not sure what you will use and not use. That is what the South Seas Spas do for you. Artesian delivers a great value for your money at almost every price point.