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Get into the Yuletide Spirit this Christmas with our huge selection of Indoor and Outdoor decorations that will transform your home into a Winter Wonderland. You can spread the cheer by a simple decoration or by creating lovely holiday displays indoor and outdoors. You can set a theme and make your Christmas décor unique to you and your loved ones. American Sale offers a huge selection of Christmas items that are sure to help you celebrate your holiday in style.

Step 1 - Find a Good Decorating Spot

Set your tree stand in a location that will allow you to move around the tree to decorate. If you are using a revolving tree stand, you will not need access to all sides.

Step 2 - Assess Your Electrical Needs

If you purchased a real tree or non-pre-lit tree, wrap the "Christmas Tree Extension Cord" (12 ft. Extension with 9 outlets.) down the center pole of the tree. It will make lighting the tree much easier. If you have a "Power Pole" tree, you will not need to worry about this step. Your tree sections will light when each section is connected to the pole.

Step 3 - Fluff or Shape Your Tree Sections

Shape and fluff each branch before putting on the next section. Trees that are color-coded, hinged or foldaway should be shaped from bottom to top. With this method, your tree will be fully assembled and shaped at the same time. When fluffing your branches, they should be slightly bent upwards like they are growing towards the sun. TIP: If you don't want to be "scratched" by the tree material, wear gardening or latex gloves during the fluffing process.

Step 4 - Light Your Non Pre-Lit Tree

If you purchased a non-pre-lit tree, place lights on the tree, starting at the top. Work in a panel from down one side of the tree instead of walking around the tree. To hide wires, work from the center pole out to the front of the branch, and then back to the pole. When you are by the pole, cross over to the next branch. NEVER cross over in front of the tree. Do not end to end connect more than 3 sets of lights unless they are L.E.D. lights. If you purchased a pre-lit tree, follow the directions on connecting lights.

Step 5 - Drape Your Tree with Garland, Beads, and Ribbon

The first step to decorating is to create a festive scalloped-sway effect by draping garland, beads, and ribbon along the branches. Garland outlines the shape of the tree and forms the framework for the rest of the tree trim. Start at the lowest branch level and drape the garland in uniform swags from one main branch tip to the next. Or, place garland on the tree in your own desired pattern. Create your own pattern using each material in a similar effect.

Step 6 - Decorate with Ornaments, Bows, Berries, and more!

Place ornaments and novelty decorations in desired patterns. Start with large ornaments first and place symmetrically on the tree. Use bows, berries, leafy picks or other items to hide any "holes" and fill up the tree.

Step 7 - Place the Tree Topper On Top of Your Tree

Place and secure treetop on top of the tree. This is a good moment to bring everyone into the room for the final look! A fun family memory each year!

Step 8 - Place Your Tree Skirt Around The Tree

Clean up around the base of the tree with a broom or vacuum. Then place your tree skirt around the base for a finished look.

How Much You'll Need For Your Tree: 

Tree Size Miniature Lights
Number of Bulbs
Number of Feet
Novelty Decorations Ornaments
4 - 4½ft. 150-300* 48'-60' 18-24 24-36
6 - 6½ft. 300-500* 72'-90' 30-48 48-60
7 - 7½ft. 550-950* 100'-120' 48-60 60-72
9ft. 800-1200* 120'-150' 60-72 84-96
10ft. 900-1400* 150'-180' 84-96 96-120
12ft. 1000-1500* 180'-210' 96-120 120-144
15ft. 1300-1800* 210'-240' 120-144 144-160
18ft. 1600-2400* 240'-270' 144-160 172-200
21ft. 2000-2600* 300'-360' 172-200 200-250

*Light quantities may vary depending on needle length and tree diameter.

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