With Deluxe Installation we have a dedicated team of people dedicated to work with installers to have your pool installed by the best contractor available. Because the main focus of this team is to see your installation through from start to finish they work closely with installers and know what their capabilities are. We are here to help you through village permitting, scheduling and any questions you may have related to your purchase and installation. Our average installer has been working with American Sale for 15+ years. Each contractor must meet the required insurance amounts and maintain a professional appearance. Each installer is evaluated annually on their performance. It has been our philosophy to deliver a quality installation over the quantity of installs.

What's Included:

  • 4" of leveling
  • Sand & block for leveling
  • Install through wall skimmer
  • Assemble filter
  • Assemble pool & liner
  • Assemble auto feeder
  • Installation of bottom circulation, armor shield & cover
  • Concierge scheduling
  • 1 year warranty

Homeowner's Responsibility:

  • Dirt removal
  • Any electrical service
  • Installation of fence & ladder

What Effects Installation Time:


Weather is the major factor of installation. Rain, wind and temperature can all cause delays in installation. An installation crew can install up to 4 pools in a day depending on the size of the pool and area of the installation. When the weather is not cooperating with ideal conditions, it affects all scheduled installs. this is taking into consideration when we schedule to maintain fast efficient times throughout the season while always maintain the quality you expect.

You can expect in-season installation time to be a bit longer in the months of May, June & July. You will have more control over the date of your install in March, April & August through October.

It is always best to have your pool delivered ASAP so that you can be enjoying your pool. Schedules are based on delivery of your pool. They are delivered on a 4’x4’ pallet and can be easily stored in a garage or outdoor area. Remember a pool can get wet if it rains.

Picture below represents pool on 4x4 pallet.


Customer Responsibility:


Please read over the following in entirety. Listed below are your areas of responsibility as stated in the customer agreement signed in-store.

  • Provide water to fill the pool. If the pool is filled by water trucks (not recommended), American Sale or its installers will not be responsible for any damage to the pool wall, liner or sand bottom.
  • Backfilling all excess dirt/sand that will be left over after installation of pool. The pool must be backfilled at least to the height of the bottom track.
  • Assemble all other accessories (i.e. ladders, steps, etc.)
  • It may be necessary to retighten hose clamps and other fittings after the pool has been filled and operating.
  • Place the "NO DIVING" sign (label) after installation.
  • Remove sprinkler heads in the direct area of the pool. Installers are not responsible for damage to unmarked sprinkler heads.



American Sale will provide information regarding manufacturer warranties on the equipment. American Sale is not responsible for add-ons attached to the equipment at a later date. The swimming pool installation will be warranted for a period of (1) year from the completion of installation. The following will be excluded from any warranties:

  1. Sand washouts due to improper backfill
  2. Liner damage due to roots or Nut Grass. (A nut grass killer can be purchased and applied before liner installation).
  3. Sand and cushion bottoms may have some imperfections such as lumps, waves, or slight wrinkles in the liner due to the nature of your ground, shifting sand and will not be covered under any warranties.
  4. American Sale or its installers will NOT be responsible for any water replacement for any reason.
  5. If sand is purchased through a 2nd party, installers warranty may be void.

Congratulations on your pool purchase! Our pool experts are on staff to help answer questions and our free water testing is available in our stores during normal business hours in case you have questions about your pool water and maintenance. We appreciate your business and wish you many fun filled swim seasons!