Top 5 Holiday Decorating Questions Answered!

Top 5 Holiday Decorating Questions Answered!

The season is upon us! And during this joyful time, our staff gets a lot of questions regarding decorating. So we decided to answer the Top 5 questions we receive during every holiday season:

1. What are the main benefits of having an artificial Christmas tree vs. a real Christmas tree?
A: There are many benefits of having an artificial tree as opposed to a real tree:
  • It lasts MUCH longer! When you buy an artificial Christmas tree from American Sale, you are making a 20 year investment in Christmas magic! Yes, that's how long your tree can last you if you properly store and maintain your tree.
  • It cuts down on time while decorating! The most popular trees to buy now are our Pre-lit Artifical Christmas Trees. These already come with the lights woven into the branches so there's no need to deal with the hassle of stringing and un-stringing your lights onto the tree. There are also semi or pre-decorated trees now that have been adorned with pine cones,berries, shatterproof ornaments, and fake snow (flocking). These trees save a large amount of the decorating time because they are already so beautifully decorated even before you put your own touches on it!

  • They are very easy to set up! All of our artificial trees have branches that are on hinges that fold up like an umbrella. This makes it easier to set up and take down for storage. We also have newer trees that are called Insta-Lite Pole or Quick Set trees. The pole of the tree is (safely) electrified so when you drop the pieces in, it lights up! No need to worry about finding the light outlets within the tree.
  • They are less mess and maintenance! Real trees are wonderful! But they leave messy pine needles on the floor constantly. They also require maintenance with watering. An artificial tree may leave some "needles" on the ground during set up and take down, but it's easily vacuumed away and then it's mess free for the rest of the time it's set up.
  • They are easy to store for years to come! All of our trees are easy to store with their branch hinges and easy to disconnect pieces. We always suggest proper storage bags for our trees so they can be enjoyed for decades to come!

2. How do I properly "shape" my Artificial Christmas Tree?

A: "Shaping" or "Fluffing" an artificial tree is a simple, but must-do, step to making your tree appear life-like and full.  A common misconception is that you can just take your tree out of the box or storage bag and it's ready to go. Here are some steps/tips to follow to properly "shape" your tree:

  1. Starting on the bottom section and working your way up*, take each branch and pull them apart from each other. Once you've done this, go from one branch at a time and pull apart each bristle. Curve them upwards like a natural tree would do towards the sun. Make sure none of the bristles are touching each other to create a more "full" appearance.

* Tip: Don't place the top section of your tree on until you have "shaped" it. Then you can just pop it on the top. Standing on a ladder to shape this is much harder than staying on the ground to do it.

Your finished product tree should look full and beautiful like this-

3. What do I do if my Christmas lights go out on my tree or my other decorations? Do I throw them away?

A: No! Do not throw an entire pre-lit tree, garland, wreath, or outdoor lights away if the lights go out. We sell a GREAT tool that every Christmas decorator must own called the LightKeeper Pro! This wonderful tool allows you to revitalize your dead string of lights with just a few pushes of the trigger. If you want to learn more about this amazing tool, just watch this video!


4. What are the best ways to secure outdoor blow molds?

A: Blow molds are one of the most popular outdoor decorations we sell at American Sale. And many times, our customers find that it's difficult to secure them in their yard. There are several easy ways to do this-

  1. Using 2-3 plastic bags- fill the bags with gravel or heavy rocks and make sure to tie the bags tightly. Take care when putting the bags through the opening at the bottom of the blow mold so it doesn't rip open. Then stand the blow mold up and test with some pushes to make sure it's sturdy and secure.
  2. If your blow mold is propped up against a mailbox, fence, or light post, you can use twine to secure the blow mold to the fixture. Just make sure the twine is approximately a quarter inch in thickness. Tie the twine around the blow mold and then secure it to the fixture with a tight knot. Test it with some pulls and pushes to make sure it's secure.
  3. Use twine and a stake set to secure your blow mold into the ground. You can tie the twine around the blow mold as above and make small loops at each end of the twine to allow for a stake. Once you place the stake through the loop, use a hammer or your foot to press deeply into the ground. Test the blow mold with pushes and pulls to make sure it's secure.
  4. Use a combination of the listed options above to increase the sturdiness and security of your blow mold!
  5. We do not recommend securing your blow mold to the roof of your home! While this may be a common way of seeing the famous Santa and his reindeer, improperly nailing into your roof can cause damage or leaks. Therefore, please keep your Santa and his reindeer on the ground.

5. What if I don't know what kind of theme I want for my Christmas tree decorations? Where do I start?

A: We are always here to help with the BEST experts in Christmas decorating and inspiration at our 9 store locations! In our stores, we have our Christmas Boutiques, that are filled with decorated trees and all of their decorations are behind them so you don't have to hunt through our stores to find which ornaments we used. It's truly an inspiration center! Take a look at some of our 2015 Tree Themes!

We hope that these answers were helpful to you as you embark on your holiday decorating journey! And if you have any more questions, please stop into any one of our 9 stores where our Christmas experts would be happy to help you! We wish you the best holiday season and a very Merry Christmas!

Happy Decorating!

American Sale


  • Oliver

    I have an older model 9 foot un-lit Tree that has 10 rows with slots that the branches fit into to form and shape the tree. One of the slots on one of the rows is broken (cracked from years of use) and will no longer hold the branch in place. The branches are made of steel rods which are bent at the end and that are placed into the slot of the center holder which is attached to the center post.

    How can I replace the branch holder on the center post? of am I able to get a new center post section.

    There are 2 sections that attach to each other and then fit into a “X” type stand.

    Any ideas, suggestions etc. will be appreciated.

    Thank You,

    January 29, 2019

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